Top Asian Horror Movies

admin February 9, 2018 Views 84

Who said that you need good graphics only when you want to give a scare to the audience? Apparently, a good story and plot is also a plus, and that was proven when Asians also tries to make horror movies and believe me, they are even as twice as scary as those from Hollywood. So, which ones have given a big fright to people?


Scary Movies From Asia

  • Train To Busan – not exactly horror, but, if you see that the zombies are running frantically to your direction, I’m pretty sure it will give you a big fright as well. Now, a supposed to be normal trip going to Busan ended up as a survival run as they try to escape from the carnivorous, crazed zombies
  • The Ring – everyone who knows about Sadako would know how scary this movie is. A girl who fell on the well is emerging from your TV and is going to kill you seven days after watching a certain tape.

  • The Grudge – revenge from death, that is something to be scared about because their soul will be twice as much powerful just to get that revenge. This movie might prove that even the most muscular man will run away after seeing the white kid.